EP060 September 18, 2023

The Kids Need Us

The South Carolina has around 4,000 kids in need of a home with caretakers who will love, protect and cherish them. Our guests Lynne Stroy and Allison Cordle have opened up their houses for some of these children, representing two of the roughly 1,200 available homes in South Carolina.

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EP059 September 11, 2023

September 11: One Was There, One Went to Help

It's been 22 years now and there's a whole generation now who have only heard and read the stories. Our two guests share a unique and rare vantage point of that day.

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EP058 September 4, 2023

The Surfside Condo Collapse of 2021

Mike Noriega shares his personal account of the Surfside Condo collapse of 2021, and his story "preaches a sermon" of pain, damaged and restored faith, and God's redemption despite great loss.

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EP057 August 28, 2023

A Discussion on Women Leadership in the Church

Seacoast Church has had women as pastors and leaders at all levels, which feels normal to many Christians, yet others believe this approach to ministry doesn't line up with scripture.

EP056 August 21, 2023

A Different View of Hell

Our guest Chris Date agrees there is an eternal death; however, he believes it is a literal death, which greatly differs from the traditional view of living forever in torment.

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EP055 August 14, 2023

Pastor Greg and His Abrasive Therapist

Pastors Chip Judd and Greg Surratt unpack some history of their friendship, what strengths they see in one another and together discuss some of their weaknesses.

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EP054 August 7, 2023

Abusive Pastors, Fallen Mega Churches, and What About Seacoast?

We discuss toxic culture and abusive leaders that mega churches are unfortunately being known more and more for, and why our guests are fairly confident that Seacoast isn’t next.

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EP053 July 31, 2023

But the Bible Doesn’t Say That

Did you know every single Christmas pageant you’ve watched was dead wrong about something we all just assumed was true. Our guest today, Marc Turnage, points to a handful of beliefs most people hold to, that the bible simply does not support.

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EP052 July 24, 2023

Is Speaking in Tongues Really a Thing?

Seacoast Church is a big tent that houses many Christians believing very differently on certain topics; and this is one of them. In today’s conversation with Chip Judd, Jack Hoey III, and Joey Svendsen, a few viewpoints are discussed but mainly the gift itself is dissected.

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EP051 July 17, 2023

Michael Gungor

Multiple Grammy Award nominated artist and at the peak of exposure in the Christian music industry, Michael Gungor's music career unraveled due to an unraveling of the Christian faith. As he started to verbalize his doubts, churches and other christian venues cancelled shows and many Christians washed their hands of him.

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