EP103 June 18, 2024

A Conversation on Radical, Christian Love with Pastor Kristin Mockler Young

How should we represent Christ’s love in the Church? Pastor Kristin Mockler Young from Mosaic Church discusses the tough questions that help us see love differently.

EP102 June 11, 2024

Mike Cosper (host/producer of Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Podcast, Christianity Today)

Church hurt to faith restored. Mike Cosper of Christianity Today talks about his new book, church culture, and his podcast series that exposes a church leader.

EP101 June 4, 2024

90s Tech, A.I. Girlfriends, Blockbuster Video, and Guns

Josh, Lynne, Joey, and Ciarrah talk about the advancement in technology, cancel culture, and more, mixing a bit of everything with plenty of laughs.

EP100 May 28, 2024

100th Episode Celebration (w/ Geoff Surratt)

We’re celebrating the 100th episode by sharing memorable moments and talking with Geoff Surratt about working with his brother, his contributions on innovating the multisite approach to church-planting, and his transition to other ministry opportunities after leaving Seacoast.

EP99 May 21, 2024

Chip Judd's Stern Words For Adult Children About Boundaries With Parents

In this episode, Chip, alongside Joey, and Pastor Greg Surratt respond to the backlash received on social media over Chip’s Seacoast Church message on boundaries.

EP98 May 14, 2024

Pastor and Gifted Counselor Faces Struggle w/ Anxiety and Panic Disorder 

Despite his career being focused on teaching good mental health practices, Chip drifted from what he knew and paid the price. On this episode, Chip shares what he learned along the way, offers listeners therapy, and provides spiritual encouragement. 

EP97 May 7, 2024

A Candid Discussion on Suicide

The topic of suicide sparks a somber conversation between Jack, Joey, Lynne, and Roy. The four reflect on personal losses at the hands of this tragedy, ponder theological implications, and discuss the merits of the “selfish act label.”

EP96 April 30, 2024

The Struggle Of An Eating Disorder

After a lifetime of low self-image and eating disorders, Alexandra Hunt is now focused on healing and finding freedom in her nutrition and exercise. She shares lessons on finding identity, and reshaping her relationship with health, food, and her body.

EP95 April 23, 2024

How Have You Been, Amie Patrick?

After losing her husband to mental illness, Amie Patrick has navigated through pain and now shares wisdom on the importance of "embodied faith," the unhealthy allure of social media, and spiritual insight that has given her peace.

EP94 April 16, 2024

New Marriage, Same Couple

Desperate for healing in their marriage after an extramarital affair pushed them to a breaking point, Josh and Katie Walters arrived at Seacoast Church and began navigating through the pain. Now, leaders at Seacoast, they’ve established a healthy marriage and recently released a book sharing their story.

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