The Seacoast Podcast

Things you won't hear on Sunday

We get it. There’s so much more to church than what you can pack into a Sunday morning service. There will also be topics that you might not hear very often in a Sunday service, but are still worth a conversation. We’re always looking for common ground, and how we can learn from one another. We can get deeply reverent and solemn as quickly as we can get light-hearted and silly. Most importantly, this podcast is about the human journey intersecting with God’s story.
Cool people. Amazing Guests.
Visits from cool people inside and outside of the “church world,” including leaders, innovators, musicians, actors, authors, artists, and more.
No topic is off limits
Discussions and friendly debates on the finer points of theology, current events, mental health, human behavior, and even the taboo topics.
Inspirational Stories
Stories about life-change and the incredible journeys of the people who make up the family of Seacoast, and how they’re making a difference.

Listen to new episodes whenever they’re available.

At Seacoast, our mission is to help people find God, grow their faith, discover their purpose, and make a difference. Accomplishing that mission goes beyond the weekend experience. We believe it’s important to find a community to help you live out your faith. We’re committed to impacting our church, our communities, and our world.
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