EP052 July 24, 2023

Is Speaking in Tongues Really a Thing?

Seacoast Church is a big tent that houses many Christians believing very differently on certain topics; and this is one of them. In today’s conversation with Chip Judd, Jack Hoey III, and Joey Svendsen, a few viewpoints are discussed but mainly the gift itself is dissected.

EP051 July 17, 2023

Michael Gungor

Multiple Grammy Award nominated artist and at the peak of exposure in the Christian music industry, Michael Gungor's music career unraveled due to an unraveling of the Christian faith. As he started to verbalize his doubts, churches and other christian venues cancelled shows and many Christians washed their hands of him.

EP050 July 10, 2023

Dr. Bart Ehrman (New Testament Scholar, Atheist, former Pastor)

Dr. Bart Ehrman talks to Joey about God, the bible, and most specifically the book of Revelation, given his latest book release "Armageddon: What the Bible Really Says About the End," dives deep into the apocalyptic, last book of the Bible.

EP049 July 3, 2023

Does the Bible Contradict Itself?

Jack Hoey, Julie Hiott, and Chip Judd – people of faith and students of the Bible for a combined 90 years – dive deep into discussions about the end times, how to read the bible responsibly, and what to do with apparent contradictions.

EP048 June 26, 2023

Dear Dana, What if Polarity Was No Match for Love?

When Amy Daughters saw on Facebook that her old pal Dana's son was battling cancer, she was suddenly inspired to begin writing the pair weekly letters in the mail. She had no idea how it would change her and Dana's lives forever.

EP047 June 19, 2023

Rebirth of a Mafia Gangster

Robert Borelli, a former “up-and-coming star” within the Mafia ranks, talks about his life-story captured in his book, "The Witness: A Tale of the Life and Death of a Mafia Madman." A spiritual rebirth was initiated when he was behind bars. Released under witness protection, he began his new life as a new creation in his new Savior.

EP046 June 12, 2023

Secret Life of Introverts

Lynne, the only extrovert in this discussion is quite surprised by all she hears, including the forced isolation of 2020 being heaven for Natasha, Joey's contentment being by himself in social situations, and Jack's sincere perplexity by the notion of having more than one social gathering in a week.

EP045 June 5, 2023

Are Christians Called to Pacifism?

Does holding to the Christian faith eliminate all options of violence? Author and activist Shane Claiborne and Seacoast's Jack Hoey are together again to discuss pacifism.

EP044 May 29, 2023

Two Therapists on the Current State of Mental Health in Our Country

Is suicide selfish? Is mental wellness plummeting or is society's awareness of mental health issues soaring? Therapists Lynne Harrison and Chip Judd touch on these topics and a few others to wrap up our mental health series.

EP043 May 22, 2023

Toby Slough: Kids’ Mental Health in Today’s Culture

With sobering statistics on a young generation growing up in a challenging world that is rapidly changing, especially in the advancement of technology and the prevalence of social media, author Toby Slough gives clarity of what’s healthy, harmful, or beneficial for kids.

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