EP032 March 6, 2023

Should We Become “Better Christians” Over Time?

It's common knowledge that deep change can't be made in passivity. But if it’s a work of the Holy Spirit, what does "putting forth effort" even look like, and what's the risks of getting all this wrong?

EP031 February 27, 2023

Theological Deep Dive: Truth, Belief and the Problem of Evil

We discuss some “not so light-hearted,” nor simple spiritual matters that have had the brightest of thinkers scratching their heads for centuries.

EP030 February 20, 2023

Francis and Benedict (and Katie Walters)

In her mind, the voice was unmistakably God. Given what’s transpired since, and the circumstances surrounding the establishment of Francis and Benedict, it’s hard to see it any other way.

EP024 February 6, 2023

UPDATES NEEDED in How the Church Defines 'Pastor'

We discuss the needed updates churches may want to consider the ways ministry is carried out, how the church defines "pastor," and the roles expected of them.

EP023 January 30, 2023

What's God Got to Do With It?

If God "works good out of all things for those who are called according to His purpose," and one has a painful and life-altering experience, did God cause it to happen in order to bring out that good? Can we assume all of it was a part of the original plan?

EP022 January 23, 2023

No Country

Musician and song-writer, John Mark McMillan and Propaganda, (hip-hop/spoken word artist and author) join the show to talk about their upbringings, cultural makeups, different life experiences and their current world views, as a result. They both share some compelling thoughts on racism and inequality, through the lenses of Christian faith.

EP021 January 16, 2023

What MLK Means and Why "Race Conversations" Are Still Hard

We discuss why conversations surrounding race are still difficult to this day, especially in the church. Could there be a spirit of division behind it all? Our lead pastor believes so.

EP020 January 9, 2023

Being a Pastor When You Love Everyone on Both Sides

Josh Surratt and Naeem Fazel, both lead pastors of churches, discuss and the deeper issues at the root of the rampant division in the "capital C" church.

EP019 January 2, 2023

Five Therapists Give Advice for The New Year

Five therapists each share three bits of advice to get the best out of the new year. Speakers include Jennifer Rodriguez, Chip Judd, Lyn Harrison, Michael Morris and Elizabeth Gillespie.

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