EP008 October 10, 2022

After 25 Years of Unfaithfulness, This Couple is Now Happily Married

Fred and Terry Reed, both part of the Seacoast Family, walked a painful journey of working through betrayal after Fred was unfaithful for 25 years.

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EP007 October 3, 2022

Love Your Enemy, Even If He Murders Your Wife to Start a Race War

Reverend Anthony Thompson shares the story of his wife's murder at Mother Emanuel AME and the miraculous forgiveness in his heart. This miracle potentially was the catalyst for sparing Charleston, SC, from similar rioting that recently occurred in other parts of the country.

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EP006 September 26, 2022

Why a Pastor Falls

Time and time again, people are shocked when it's discovered that their pastor, behind the scenes, has been on a path towards destruction. Pastors Greg Surratt, Sharon Miller and Chip Judd discuss issues in the church that generally lead to these downfalls.

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EP005 September 19, 2022

Lecrae: God, Therapy, and Restoration

Grammy-Award winning hip-hop artist Lecrae talks about his book I Am Restored: How I Lost My Religion But Found My Faith. His life was headed towards disaster, but healing from the hurt, and embracing a loving Savior in Jesus has landed Lecrae at a much better place.

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EP004 September 12, 2022

Seacoast Church's Political Statement

While many politicians from both "sides" of the aisle have found a church home at Seacoast, politics has never come close to being the basis for unity. Christ's love for the church and His desire to see love amongst us and for our neighbors, is what we set out to unite on.

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EP003 September 5, 2022

Amie Patrick pt. 2: The Present, The Future

Amie Patrick is over two years into the tragedy of losing her husband, Darrin Patrick. She ponders a lot of questions with us and shares what she’s learned from walking through this nightmare.
Listen to Part 1: What Happened to Darrin?

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EP002 August 29, 2022

Is it Ok for Christians to Be Rich?

While both men practice a life of generosity that would exceed most people, they read and process very differently the many passages in the bible pertaining to money.

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EP001 August 22, 2022

Brandon Lake

Dove and Grammy award winning artist, Brandon Lake, used to be running around these parts of Seacoast as a punk kid in youth group. He shares in this episode what it's like being home at Seacoast where some people know him as that punk kid, because to most people, he's straight up celebrity status.

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